What does a guy have to go through to get a damn haircut in Manhattan these days? If you’re Robert Pattinson, starring in David Cronenberg’s adaptation of Cosmopolis, the short answer is, "A lot." This clip from the upcoming movie (which was posted to Commeaucinema.com) gives you a pretty good idea of some of the hardships Mr. Twilight will endure in this Cannes Film Festival entry. Check it out below:

That busted-up stretch limo shepherds Pattinson’s character, Eric Packer, around New York City as he avoids traffic jams, dodges his difficult ex-wife, and buys and sells the futures of his financial clients. Who’s that shooting at RPatz? Well, that’s for us to eventually find out, I suppose. He seems so unfazed by the fact that someone is trying to take his life. Then, of course, he returns the fire … and the clip ends. Bizarre.

Cronenberg directs from Don DeLillo’s best-selling book, surrounding Pattinson with the cream of the crop for supporting talents. Paul Giamatti. Juliette Binoche. Samantha Morton. Pattinson should be in good hands. But trailers and clips for this, so far, have been off-the-charts strange. That’s not a bad thing. Maybe this is Cronenberg trying to do his After Hours or Talk Radio, in which case, we’re in for a sleazy treat. We’ll know more soon. Cosmopolis should reach theaters later this year.

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