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Cyncial male movie bloggers like me aren’t the only ones who don’t like Twilight’s lead vampire character Edward Cullen. He’s also loathed by, well, Edward Cullen. Hold on Twilight Moms! Put down those kerosene soaked panties and call off the lynch mob. It’s not as bad as it sounds.

Talking to the Daily Record Robert Pattinson, the actor who plays Edward, had this to say about the character: “I like playing him… I don't know if I like him as a person. He is a little straight-laced for my liking. He is not rebellious. I think that should be respected.” See? It’s not so bad. He still loves you, really! He’s just not so sure he’d want to be best friends with this guy if he met him in a crowded room. Pattinson is a young, rich, world famous actor. He wants someone he can snort cocaine off a toilet seat with (hypothetically) and Edward Cullen is, for a vampire (even a bedazzled vampire), kind of a square. He’s young. You can’t blame Pattinson for wanting to have a little strip club fun.