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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been doing a fine job of ramping up anticipation for Shazam and his role in the comic-book adaptation as villain Black Adam. While he’s on press duties for his upcoming disaster flick San Andreas, it was always inevitable that he’d be questioned about his role as the foe, and during such an exchange, he admitted that he’s found a rather intriguing way to approach the character.

While engaged in conversation with Hey U Guys, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (who will always have his names separated with his WWE moniker in my eyes) couldn't help but enthuse about Black Adam, and the excitement in his words is genuinely palpable. However, despite his borderline hysteria, it’s clear to see that The Rock is fully aware of the responsibility that will come with this part. He explained:
He’s a unique type of villain. When you start off as a slave, you’re not in a good mood! There’s a heavy wrath that a lot of people have to pay. But when it’s fuelled by a righteous anger if you will, like Black Adam, then you open up to what the character can be which I’m really excited about. That’s why he’s not just a straightforward bad guy.

It’s been obvious for quite some time that Johnson has felt a deep and impassioned connection to the character. In fact, he was the one that heavily lobbied with DC and Warner Bros. to create a Shazam film that he would then be apart of. The Rock was confirmed as Black Adam nine months ago, however before then he had been teasing his involvement for months over various facets of social media. This is all despite the fact that a Shazam film is still more than four years away, and is only planned for April 5, 2019. Heck, we don’t even know who will be playing the titular character in the adaptation.

But just the mere thought of The Rock playing the above character is enough for moviegoers to be in a fervor. I mean, it really does make for the perfect cinematic equation. There’s even been chatter that Warner Bros. are already considering a spinoff flick for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Black Adam. That is obviously years and years away.

In the meantime we’ll just have to make do with the WWE star’s portrayal in San Andreas, where he goes toe-to-toe with shifting tectonic plates alongside Paul Giamatti. Which is a sentence that is so delicious I just want to leap in the air with joy. San Andreas is out on May 29, 2015, and it could be the surprise hit of the summer.

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