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The Rock Says He'll Be Nude On Screen In An Upcoming Movie

Dwayne Johnson is no stranger to showing off his body. He began his career wearing nothing but wrestling shorts as The Rock in the WWE. This trend continued when he began his movie career with roles like The Scorpion King, playing characters who rarely felt the need to put on a shirt. However, for his next movie, Central Intelligence, The Rock says he’ll be taking things one step further. The People’s Champion will be putting the people’s ass on display.

This isn’t actually the first time The Rock has bared his rear, as it has been seen on HBO’s Ballers, however, The Rock tells E! Online that he will be doing the same on the big screen as well in his next film. Apparently, fans who are now really looking forward to Central Intelligence have Kevin Hart to thank, as he convinced The Rock that the fans really wanted to see his butt. 

I remember sitting at the table and the question was, ‘Are you going to show your butt in this movie?’ and I was like, ‘Nah.’ [But then] Kevin was like, ‘Yes. You should.’ It got a little uncomfortable.

For what it’s worth Kevin Hart also said he’d be willing to show his butt on screen if it was what the audience wanted, but that’s not what the audience wants. There seems to be a feeling from Hart that the audience would rather see the former professional wrestler’s ass than the stand-up comedian’s ass. We’re guessing he’s probably on to something.

Of course, as we think back to what we’ve seen in the trailers for Central Intelligence, we remember that the one clip that would most obviously lend itself to a shot of the Rock’s ass is the one where he’s playing a digitally modified, overweight, high school-aged version of himself. If that’s the scene where we see the Rock’s butt, it may not be the scene that certain fans are looking for. We could be in for a digitally enlarged version of Dwayne Johnson’s rear. We’re not sure the fans want that. We're not sure anybody wants that.

While we’re not sure how many more tickets will be pre-ordered based on news of a naked Johnson, Dwayne Johnson that is, now that the news is out there, will you be lining up to check out...the movie? Central Intelligence hits theaters next week.  

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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