Well, thank goodness for long-running franchises that keep pumping out movies. If not for them we’d have almost nothing to even talk about this week. But alas, the gang’s back with another hangover, another gang has the need for speed and we get an epic flick.

Just remember, I'm not reviewing these movies, but rather predicting where they'll end up on the Tomatometer. Let's take a look at what This Rotten Week has to offer.

The Hangover Part III
It’s a sad state of affairs when entertainment is created with little more motivation than a payday. Of course I understand much of entertainment revolves around the notion of money, but originality and quality should drive market forces rather than repackaging and regurgitation. Again, I’m not treading any new ground here, it just pisses me off. Let’s look at the The Hangover II as an example that fuels my ire; a movie made solely for the Benjamins. How could it be for anything else? The script was essentially identical to the first flick save a new setting and some minor tweaks. The rhythm, timing and plot elements were exactly, and unapologetically the same. I found it offensive, and not in a hilarious, fat-kid-pumping-Zack-Galifianakis’s-nads-full-of-50,000-volts kind of way. It was offensive because it was lazy and a blatant money grab. But it worked, so here we are again a few years later, doing the whole thing once more except this time they just chose the same setting as the original. So I suspect we will just get the exact, exact same movie. What a shame.

But I don’t blame the players. Who can begrudge someone filling their wallet? No one was going to say no to another trip to the Vegas Strip for a blacked out night and a subsequent 24 hours of putting the pieces back together in ever-fantastic fashion. What made/ makes The Hangover such a great watch was how everything the guys went through took plausibility right up to the breaking point. Tiger in a hotel room? Not likely but not impossible. Finding a baby in the closet? Probably not, but hey who hasn’t brought home a mommy/stripper? Running afoul of a local mob leader? In the cards for sure. Now we’ve got Zach G cruising down the highway with a giraffe in tow.

Todd Phillips directed the The Hangover (79%) but also gave us the The Hangover Part II (34%). The rest of his career is a similar give and take with Old School (60%) and Starsky & Hutch (63%) but also Due Date (39%). I think this franchise finale scores more like the second offering. And here’s to hoping we don’t see Mitch, Beanie and Frank the Tank relive the glories of fraternity life all over again. The Rotten Watch for The Hangover Part III is 35%

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