The Perfect Guy
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When I first read the title of this movie I got a little pissed in what I thought was an unauthorized account of my life, but that was shot down pretty quickly. Even beyond that, though, The Perfect Guy’s title is purposefully misleading. This dude doesn’t seem perfect at all. In fact, he appears to be the exact opposite. I see what you did there moviemakers. Kudos.

See what a not so perfect guy looks like in action in the trailer for The Perfect Guy below:
The Perfect Guy details the struggle of a beautiful woman as she navigates the dating waters with two handsome guys - one psychotic, the other not really crazy at all. That she wants to take a break from the nicer guy at first only to fall head over heels with the psycho is the story of the flick. Michael Ealy goes through the nice guy-turned-murderous stalker beats like clockwork. He’s the boyfriend of the year in the early going, only to slowly devolve into the kind of guy who can’t take "No" for an answer.

This is the first wide release film for David M. Rosenthal, though he does have some smaller releases in Janie Jones (52%) and Single Shot (48%). I suspect this latest film falls very much in the same critical category, though possibly a bit lower. To begin, I can’t imagine this film treads any new ground in the stalker genre, unless Morris Chestnut ends up being the bad guy’s brother or something and they are in on the scares together. Short of that, I think this one plays very much by the same script we’ve seen many a time over.

This isn’t to say movies like this are bad. They can be entertaining enough. But to really score well with critics you often need to bring something new to the table (think The Gift from earlier in the summer). Other than that expect a finish in the middle or below.

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