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Running of the Bulls Ruins Tom Cruise's Next Film

Sorry, Tom Cruise. Aliens can’t solve everything. They can’t solve the health care crisis or the Glenn Beck problem. They can’t solve the fact that you’re super short and your lady friend is not, making you look extra creepy. And apparently they can’t stop big scary bulls either.

According to THR, several bulls being used on set of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz’s new movie broke free, likely fleeing fearfully from Diaz’s horrible acting. Unfortunately, two women (neither Cruise nor Diaz) were slightly injured by the bulls as they fled through a downtown area of Spain. Cruise and Diaz were not on set during the incident.

The weirdest thing about this story is that it seems as though the bulls were never retrieved and now the movie has been stalled “until further notice.” So here a couple of things I want to know: 1. Where the hell did the bulls go, and why is no one trying to find them? 2. If the bulls are that important, why isn't a PA getting more right now so filming can start again? Just saying. Somebody grab a lasso.