Rutger Hauer To Play The Devil In Neil Jones' The Reverend

If there's one thing that we know Rutger Hauer can play, it's an awesome villain. From Roy Batty in Blade Runner to John Ryder in The Hitcher, the man has spent decades creeping people out. Because of this, I'm actually surprised he's never played the devil before, but Neil Jones is correcting that mistake.

STYD reports that Hauer is set to play Satan in Jones' The Reverend. Joining Stuart Brennan, Tamer Hassan, Doug Bradley, Giovanni Lombardo Radice and Emily Booth, the film tells the story of a reverend straight out of seminary school who starts his first parish. One night a mysterious girl knocks on his door, but he quickly realizes that she is there for sinister reasons after she delivers "a deep, bloody bite." Waking up the next day, he has an uncontrollable thirst - presumably for blood - and works to rid the neighboring village both through prayer and through feast. Production has already begun.

The site has also received the first image from the film, which indicates that the film will have plenty of that red goo that fills everyone's veins. Check out the still below or head over to STYD to see it full size.

Eric Eisenberg
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