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Safety Not Guaranteed Trailer Sells Winning Comedy Without Spoiling Much

I’m a huge fan of Colin Trevorrow’s Safety Not Guaranteed. A time-travel romance comedy (of sorts), it stars Parks and Rec comedian Aubrey Plaza as a magazine intern following up a story lead about an offbeat loner (Mark Duplass) who placed a classified ad seeking a partner for a time-travel mission. FilmDistrict picked up the rights to Safety, and is prepping audiences with a perfectly balanced trailer, which we are sharing below (via Apple):

The trick of Safety is not revealing too much of the story’s direction, though that teaser really manages to convey the different emotional swings Trevorrow and screenwriter Derek Connolly strive for (and achieve). As I wrote from the South By Southwest Film Festival, Safety becomes more of a movie about why people would bother time traveling, rather than the science-fiction behind time travel, itself.

But the film has been charming audiences since the Sundance Film Festival in January, where it was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize and took home the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award. It should continue building its fan base once FilmDistrict releases Safety in theaters on June 8. And be on the lookout for New Girl co-star Jake Johnson as Plaza’s boss. Though Guaranteed hangs its hat on the strong bond between Plaza and Duplass, it’s Johnson who emerges from the picture as a red-hot talent on the rise, and he does so by stealing every scene that he’s in.

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