Considering that the trailer for Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained just arrived online, it's only fitting that we have some casting news about Samuel L. Jackson. While the actor wasn't featured in the first preview for the spaghetti western homage, he has worked with Tarantino on almost every film the director has made since Pulp Fiction (the exclusions being Grindhouse and Kill Bill Vol. 1). He will be in Django Unchained as well, playing a house slave that works for Leonardo DiCaprio, but now, according to THR, he's adding another title to his list of upcoming projects.

The trade reports that the actor will be joining the cast of the upcoming RoboCop remake. The film is being helmed by Brazilian director Jose Padilha and already on-board are Joel Kinnaman, who is playing the eponymous hero, and Gary Oldman, who is playing the scientist who build said eponymous hero. The trade says that Jackson will be playing a man named Pat Novak, a media mogul and very important person in the RoboCop society. There's no mention if the actor will be playing for the good guys or the bad guys, and knowing Jackson it could be either. The project is planning to start rolling cameras this September and is targeting a summer 2013 release date.

Being the fan that I am, I can't help but close this article out with another piece of Tarantino trivia. The last time that Oldman and Jackson appeared in a movie together was the 1993 Tony Scott movie True Romance, and who wrote the script for that movie? None other than Mr. Tarantino. In fact, that particular movie had Oldman dispatching Jackson with a high-powered shotgun - maybe it's time for some revenge?

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