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Sandra Bullock May Star Alongside Clint Eastwood In Trouble With The Curve

As was reported last week, Clint Eastwood is going to be returning to acting for the first time in three years (18 if you don't count the movies he directed himself) in the baseball drama Trouble With The Curve. Set to be directed by Robert Lorenz, Eastwood's producing partner and occasional first assistant director, the movie is about an aging scout who is losing his sight and decides to make one last trip before he retires. In the story the protagonist is paired with his daughter, but the initial report said that they wouldn't be casting that part until both Eastwood and Lorenz were locked in. It would seem that has happened.

Twitch has learned that Sandra Bullock is now in talks to play the daughter part in the new movie. The article doesn't mention how far into negotiations they are, but considering the timeline one can assume that it's still fairly early. Bullock has not appeared in a film since her 2009 Best Actress win at the Oscars for her performance in The Blind Side, but has been keeping busy. This December she'll play a recently widowed mother in Stephen Daldry's Extremely Lound and Incredibly Close and next year she'll act along side George Clooney in Alfonso Cuarón's science-fiction epic Gravity. It's unknown when Trouble With The Curve will begin production.

Should this story be true, I must admit that it disappoints me a little. Eastwood doing a baseball drama is filled with incredible potential, but Bullock has never really done anything for me personally. Perhaps working alongside a talent of Eastwood's caliber will change that, though.

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