Sarah Connor Chronicle's Thomas Dekker Joins Plush

Thomas Dekker sitting in thought in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
(Image credit: Warner Bros. Television)

Things may not have worked out for the CW's The Secret Circle, but at the very least, the show's cancellation likely opened up star Thomas Dekker's schedule. The actor has signed on to join the cast of Plush, joining Cam Gigandet, Emily Browning and Dawn Olivieri in the thriller.

Co-written and directed by Catherine Hardwicke, Plush stars Browning as a rock star on the rise, who loses her brother in a drug overdose and, in addition to trying to move on and continue to write music, forms a friendship with guitarist Enzo (Xavier Samuel), which crosses a sexual line, as she's married with kids. Things take a dark turn when she begins to learn his troubled history. Dawn Olivieri is set to play the band's manager, and Cam Gigandet plays Browning's husband. And according to JustJared, Thomas Dekker has join the cast, though the site doesn't specify the nature of his role.

Among his recent credits, Dekker starred in the one-season series The Secret Circle, which the CW opted not to renew after its first season. But he may be better known for playing John Connor, son to Lena Headey's Sarah Connor in Fox's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. His other credits include A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), Heroes and 7th Heaven. Going a bit further back, he voiced Littlefoot in a number of the later Land Before Time straight-to-video movies. Dekker has a number of upcoming feature projects, including Snap and Squatters. Plush is one more indication that he seems to be focusing his attention on features right now.

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