There was a time not so long ago that making a mixtape was a carefully cultivated art form. It wasn't just about building momentum from one song to the next, being careful to hit start and stop at just the right moment, but also about a unifying theme and perhaps most importantly budgeting your time so that the last song on side A wouldn't be cut off! Sadly, the time of mixtapes gave way to mixed CDs—which lacked the prior's required discipline and fear of unexpectedly running out of room. Then CDs became passé, and sharing playlists is easy - but nowhere near as meaningful. But can kids of today appreciate the emotion and thought put behind a mixed tape? The 12-year-old protagonist at the center of Maven Pictures upcoming coming-of-age comedy can.

Variety reports Mixtape centers on a young girl, who has been raised her aunt and never knew her mother. But when she stumbles across an old mixtape of her mom's she is eager to see what it might tell her about his missing mama. Of course, tapes were always easy to destroy, and so she does – but then becomes determined to track down every last song to reassemble the playlist her mother once made.

The screenplay by Stacey Menear won the American Zoetrope screenwriting contest in 2009, and scored a place on the Black List later that year. Tom Vaughn, who helmed the Cameron Diaz/Ashton Kutcher rom-com What Happens in Vegas, will direct, and Sarah Jessica Parker is set to star, though her role in the film is not specified. At first glance, I assumed she would play the tween protagonist's aunt, but then noticed that there's no direct mention that the girl's mother is dead. Could this mean a reunion is in store and Parker is to play the long-absent mom? We may learn more soon as Mixtape is set to roll into production this February in New York.

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