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Scarlett Johansson Set To Play An Alien Seductress

I don’t know how aware the general public is of this phenomenon, but it’s something most webmasters know and talk about. For years now, whenever any movie site posts a story in which Scarlett Johansson is mentioned, that story is eventually be flooded with comments from people who claim that Scarlett Johansson isn’t a real person. Instead the commenters claim she’s a clone made using stolen biological material and that the real Scarlett is alive and well living in Germany. Those lucky Germans. It is perhaps the weirdest and most enduring internet phenomenon I’ve ever encountered since first starting this site, and it’s been going on for at least five years now, perpetuated by different people time and again. Scarlett’s probably not going to help herself make a case for being real with her next movie role, when she’ll play into these weirdo fears and play someone who isn’t a person at all. It seems she’s not a clone, she’s actually an alien.

Deadline says Scarlett Johansson is set to star in a science fiction film where she’ll play an extraterrestrial disguised as a woman, a really, really hot woman. She’ll use her Scarlett Johansson good looks to wander the remote areas of the world seducing human prey. It sounds kind of like Species, but even sexier because as everyone knows Scarlett Johansson > Natasha Henstridge. The movie's called Under the Skin, but I’d like to suggest Scarlett Johansson Fulfills Your Fantasies And Then Eats You (Worth It). It’s kind of long, but more accurate.