Schumacher Versus Nazi Vampires

Joel Schumacher is done with froofy musicals (Phantom) and will return to the sort of filmmaking he's good at. You know, stuff like bad vampire horror movies.

The Hollywood Reporter says the Batman & Robin director has signed up to helm Town Creek, a vampy Gold Circle horror movie. If vampires aren't enough to get you interested, they're also throwing in Nazis. It's the story of a West Virginia man who helps his brother wipe out a family that once protected a Nazi vampire. See, genocide alone isn't bad enough, to be really really evil you've also got to be a blood sucker.

Gold Circle is the genre brand responsible for movies like Slither and the upcoming White Noise sequel. In other words, this is right up their alley. It's written by Dave Kajganich, who seems to be the new it boy when it comes to horror sci-fi pitching. His first screenplay, The Visiting, hits theaters later this year and stars Nicole Kidman. He's also working on another horror/thriller called Monkey's Paw for 2008.

Josh Tyler