Even though he's finished his stint running the world's eighth-largest economy (better known as "California"), Arnold Schwarzenegger is about to be more visible in the spotlight than he has since the 90s, as he launches his cinematic comeback with a whole lot of explosions. Up first is this weekend's The Expendables 2, in which he expands on his cameo role for the first time and, from the looks of early clips, gamely riffs on his Terminator reputation alongside a bunch of other tough guys. But he'll be kicking ass at least two more times in the near future as well, first in Last Stand, a vehicle in which he plays a resolute small-town sheriff, and then in The Tomb, where he re-teams with Expendables 2 co-star Sylvester Stallone for a prison break story.

The Tomb has wrapped shooting in Louisiana, and today via The Wall Street Journal-- which has a very lengthy feature about the former Governor-- we get our first look at Sly and Arnie in jail. Take a look below.

It's funny to think that Arnold and Sly were ever box office rivals, since they make for such a natural pair these days that you wonder why they didn't team up a lot sooner. And while The Tomb seems significantly lower profile than The Expendables 2, without the giant cast and the promise of being even more ridiculous than the original film, it could also have its own appeal, a chance to see two stars get back to what they still do better than just about anybody. It's fair if you think both of these actors have passed their prime-- really, it's hard to argue with that-- but Lord knows they could easily retire and do nothing else forever. The fact that they want to get back to work, and put themselves through the physical challenges of making a movie, really does say something. Does that mean you have to see it? Nah. But at least give the guys props for not packing it in after all these years.

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