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Scoop: Catwoman And Joker For Batman 3

It may seem a little early to be worrying about a third Batman movie while the second one is still filming, but if Batman Begins has taught us anything about Christopher Nolan it’s that he plans ahead. Batman Begins set the stage for The Dark Knight, with references to the appearance of the Joker in the next film. It’s likely that Nolan will do the same thing with The Dark Knight in setting up a third Batman sequel, and we have a surprising bit of information on who may show up in it.

One of our most reliable, long time scoopers just sent us the following tidbit: “Word is that Heath Ledger could be coming back in the next sequel which will have Two Face as the main villain.” In Batman Begins, the movie’s main bad guy was dead by the time the film was over. Ledger plays the Joker in The Dark Knight and if this is true then it means that he may end up surviving to torment Batman again. Assuming Heath is any good as Mr. J, I like the idea of Joker sticking around in the background of future film, making life miserable for Bats. He is after all, his chief nemesis. It makes sense for him to keep haranguing Bats.

Even more exciting than the idea that we may get the Joker in more than one movie is the identity of another villain who may be in Batman 3. According to our source, “it could also include a certain female feline as well.” Bear in mind that the script for Batman 3 hasn’t been written yet, so it’s all just talk at this stage. But if this really is something Nolan is kicking around for a future Batman project, then don’t be surprised to see a few hints at the future arrival of Catwoman in The Dark Knight.