A few weeks ago we learned that the long gestating movie version of Dallas was back on, albeit without most of the cast that was once supposed to be involved. Betty Thomas is supposed to be directing and while John Travolta is likely sticking around as J.R., the rest of the cast needs filled. Tonight we got an email from an anonymous scooper claiming to have a line on just who they may be filling that cast out with and what sort of movie we can expect. This is a mostly untried, unknown source who claims to be close to the production, but we can’t confirm anything he has to say. So, consider everything below a wild guess till we get confirmation.

First, the script which some had thought was being turned into a parody, may have been tossed. They’re going back to making it a serious movie in the vein of the television series. They’re also supposedly tossing out the notion of stocking with big names. John Travolta may still be involved, but they’ll be going for lower profile names than they were aiming for before.

Topping the list of those lower profile names is James Brolin. Our scooper says that he’s heard from one of the film’s producers that Brolin has already agreed to play the part of Jock Ewing. On the series, Jock was the family patriarch and founder of Ewing oil. Jim Davis played him. Brolin would be about the right age and stature to be grandpappy Ewing, and he’s also a damned serious actor. You’ll get no parody with him.

Meanwhile, Minka Kelly is supposed to be a lock as Pamela Ewing. Pamela was originally played by the smoking hot Victoria Principal, and Minka is used to playing smoking hot southern girl since she’s on the Texas football television drama Friday Night Lights. Other casting possibilities include Diane Ladd, who our source says has been approached to play Ms. Ellie, and Julie Bentz, who is to be offered the part of Sue Ellen Ewing.

With filming set to begin on Dallas some time in 08 (our source says Summer 08), it may be awhile before we get any sort of casting confirmation on any of this. But after the meltdown of the last Dallas to movie attempt, it makes sense that they might opt for lower-profile names this time. Part of the problem with the film’s last incarnation was the amount of star power involved. Getting John Travolta, Jennifer Lopez, and Luke Wilson all in one movie had a hand in tearing apart. It’s unlikely James Brolin or Minka Kelly will make waves, and as a bonus they work cheap.

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