Boy, Michael Dowse’s hard-hitting hockey comedy Goon is- getting some serious run lately. First up, there was the international trailer, which dropped earlier today. Then, Magnet Releasing wisely followed up with an exclusive U.S. red-band trailer (via IGN), which we have below:

Totally new footage showcased in this second trailer, though both do a very good job of setting up Seann William Scott as a bruiser recruited by a hockey team to be their designated fighter. Jay Baruchel, Liev Schreiber, Alison Pil, Kim Coates and Eugene Levy round out the cast of this crude comedy, which looks like it’s trying to live up to Slap Shot (a compliment, for sure).

The part that confuses me is this. What does Goon do for Kevin Smith’s Hit Somebody, an announced, two-part hockey epic about a player brought up through the system to simply be a bruiser. Isn’t this the exact same concept? And isn’t Scott one of Smith’s boys, having appeared in both Cop Out and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. If Smith and Scott each wanted to produce a hockey movie about a goon, why wouldn’t they get together and make it happen?

As for Goon, it premiered at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, where it received solid reviews (though they love everything related to hockey). It will reach theaters on Feb. 24.

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