Twilight won’t debut here in America until November 21st, but fangless vampire fans with a passport and a private jet can see some of it earlier. The Rome Film Festival announced its lineup this morning, and in the mix of indies they’ll also be showing 15 minutes of Catherine Hardwicke’s hotly anticipated vampire flick in October.

In addition to that 15 minutes from the actual film, they’ll be showing behind the scenes footage. The movie’s director and some of its cast will also be in attendance to meet fans, at Stephenie Meyer, author of the book on which it is based, will read passages from her newest book. Who’s up for a trip to Italy?

I wonder if perhaps they were hoping to show the entire film, and simply rant out of time. It’s odd for a filmmaker to show up at a film festival with only a snippet of her film. Twilight has so many, dedicated, obsessive fans though, that even with only 15 minutes showing I fully expect at least a few Americans are already frantically planning a last minute, Italian vacation. I guess it’s as good an excuse to see the world as any.

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