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See Solomon Kane

I haven’t heard much about Solomon Kane but writer/director Michael J. Bassett has placed the poster for the upcoming film on his website. Don’t go looking for it there, however. It seems the attention the poster got him also brought hackers, who hacked into the website and stole some data. No idea what’s gone, but Bassett won’t be putting anything back up until it’s more secure. With Solomon in pre-production, don’t look for that anytime soon. (Coming Soon had a copy of the poster still online thankfully)

As for the movie itself, Solomon Kane is about a sixteenth century soldier who discovers that his cruel actions have led to his own damnation. The title character decides to switch to a life of goodness, but when a dark power threatens the land he is forced to take up arms again. Sounds kind of like Kung Fu to me, although, to be fair, it’s based on the stories of Robert E. Howard.

The poster looks pretty cool, although it doesn’t list any cast members (the movie stars James Purefoy). It’s not much, but it is a nice tease to gather interest. Take a look: