See What Wonder Woman's Home Might Look Like In Batman v Superman

Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has spent most of its time filming out in the Midwest, targeting cities like Detroit and Chicago, but the production has apparently been putting together something gigantic in the middle of the New Mexico desert.

The folks at the local ABC news affiliate in Deming, New Mexico has posted a new video online featuring fly-over shots of a massive structure that is being built by the Batman v Superman production. Here you can see it the building from one angle:

Batman v Superman Set New Mexico

And here it is from the opposite side:

Batman v Superman Set New Mexico

While it’s pretty clearly all a movie set, the images do send the mind racing thinking about what the structure could possibly be. For example, we know that Detroit is standing in for Gotham City and the Chicago is being used for Metropolis so could the New Mexico desert wind up being Wonder Woman’s home Themyscira? They would obviously have to put some water in there to make sure that audiences understand that it’s an island, but I can totally see it:

Batman v Superman Set New Mexico

Given the way that director Zack Snyder have been responding to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice leaks like this so far, maybe it won’t be too long before he Tweets a shot of actress Gal Gadot standing in her new home. For now, you can just head over to Page Two to watch the ABC news coverage of the mysterious fortress…

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