Hollywood’s still running hot and cold comic book adaptations. The good news is that they’re not all superhero fare. The latest of the cape and tights free batch of comic to movie translations is Sgt. Rock, an adaptation of DC Comics World War II adventure series.

The Hollywood Reporter says John Cox has been hired by producer Joel Silver and Warner Bros. to adapt the property into a feature film. The comic is the story of a character named Sgt. Frank Rock, the leader of an infantry unit called Easy Company. Frank and his boys first started popping up in print in 1959 war comics, but by 1977 Rock’s popularity had grown so much that he got his own regular comic named after him.

They’ve just hired a screenwriter, so of course there’s no director or cast attachments. When they do get around to casting, it’ll probably pretty hard to resist casting “The Rock” in the movie’s lead role.

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