Shyamalan May Do Unbreakable 2

Just two or three years ago, the news that M. Night Shyamalan was considering making a second Unbreakable would have sent me into paroxysms of uncontrollable glee. It still think it’s one of the most underrated movies of the past ten years, and by far the best work M. Night Shyamalan has ever done. Now though, I’ve endured The Village, suffered through The Happening, and it’s hard not to wonder if the guy who made Unbreakable even still exists.

Let’s hope he does, because Night tells MTV that Unbreakable 2 may be on his radar. Shyamalan says, “I genuinely just asked this question the other day — should I make Unbreakable 2?” As for why he hasn’t already done it, Night claims he got caught up in obsessing over some of the negative reviews the movie received from people who, well, went in expecting the wrong thing. Now that Night has made two truly awful films, I guess he’s gotten used to being hated.

Whatever the reason, he sounds like he’s ready to do it. Says Night,“I do love the [comic book movie] genre, I just wanna make sure that I’m able to express who I am, I don’t want to get so lost in the subject that I have to neuter everything that’s me in it, so maybe Unbreakable is the comic book thing I should do — I keep coming back to that.” I guess if none of your new ideas work, that’s what you do. Start cannibalizing the old ones which did.

You can’t do an Unbreakable 2 without Bruce Willis though, and who knows if Willis would still be open to doing it. Shyamalan will have to hope he didn’t see The Happening. Samuel L. Jackson however, says he’s up for it. He played the villain Mr. Glass in the first movie.

Josh Tyler