Today is apparently going to be the end of the world. While it would seem nothing has happened just yet, there are still plenty of conspiracy theorists who believe that the Mayan prophecy will come true and the Earth will fall apart by the time the clock strikes midnight.

And Hollywood has been celebrating the apocalypse like none other. Just yesterday we saw the first trailer for This is the End, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's movie about actors at the end of the world, but that's not the only End of Days movie set to be released in 2013 - and it's not even the only End of Days comedy. Edgar Wright is wrapping up his Blood and Cornetto trilogy (the previous two films being Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) with a new film called The World's End. Focus Features won't have the movie in theaters until October of next year, so it's going to be a little while until we see the first trailer, but today star Simon Pegg has done a sufficient job teasing us with the first official still .

The image was posted on the actor's Twitter account and you can see it below (and click to see it full size).

Those of you who consider yourselves fans of Wright's trilogy should recognize just about all of these stars, because most of them have been featured in the series before: on the far right is Martin Freeman, followed by Paddy Considine second, Simon Pegg in the middle and Nick Frost on the left end. The only actor in the group who wasn't in either Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz is Eddie Marsan - pictured between Frost and Pegg - but even he should be familiar to American audiences thanks to his work in the Sherlock Holmes movies.

The World's End follows five life-long friends who reunite to compete in an epic pub crawl for the first time in 20 years. Unfortunately, their reunion happens to come at the same time as the biblical apocalypse and they must fight to survive while also finishing the run. Look for it in theaters October 25, 2013.

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