Six Minutes Of The Dark Knight Will Clutter Up I Am Legend

Warner Bros. has announced that the first six minutes of The Dark Knight, which they show to select journalists earlier this week in IMAX, will soon be out there for anyone to see. They’ll be playing it in front of showings of I Am Legend in IMAX, when it debuts on Dec. 14.

The opening six minutes of the movie though, aren’t about Batman. So if you’re hoping to get a glimpse of the cape and cowl, forget it. Like everything we’ve seen about this movie so far, it’s all Joker centric. The opening six minutes are a prologue entirely about the Joker, as played by Heath Ledger, and you’ll only be able to see it on IMAX screens. It follows the Joker and his crew during a bank heist, in which they all wear clown masks. Maybe you’ve seen some of the pics from it that have previously leaked online.

Appropriate format for it really, since this is one of the parts Batman sequel which was shot using IMAX cameras. When The Dark Knight finally does hit theaters, IMAX is going to be the best way to see it.

Meanwhile, if you want to see I Am Legend in IMAX and don’t want to have half The Dark Knight spoiled for you, well you’re screwed. As if the unending stream of previews before movies weren’t long enough. Rest assured, they won’t cut back on the other pre-movie previews before Legend. Plan on a cool 30 minutes of garbage before you get to the actual movie you’re there to see, instead of the usual 20.

Josh Tyler