Will Smith's Cain And Abel Movie Gets The Green Light

It's long been said that the Bible is the greatest story ever written, and Hollywood is starting to agree. In addition to Darren Aronofsky's Noah, which is currently in production, Steven Spielberg is attached to make a movie about Moses - titled Gods and Kings - and Warner Bros. is moving forward with a movie about Pontius Pilate. And now Will Smith is getting into the game as well...kinda.

Following reports from July that Smith was interested in directing a movie about Cain and Abel, The Wrap is now reporting that Sony Pictures Entertainment has given the project the greenlight. Rather than being a tale ripped straight from biblical passages, however, there is a bit of a twist to this one. Titled The Redemption of Cain, apparently the story will somehow involves vampires. The project first came about in the summer of 2010, when it was called The Legend of Cain, and will be based on a script by Caleeb Pinkett. While Smith is still attached to produce the film, under his Overbrook Entertainment banner, it's unclear if he plans to make his directorial debut as well. The studio is looking to shoot the movie in London, Jordan, and Morocco, but there's is no word on when production may start up.

For those unfamiliar with the original story, Cain and Abel were brothers and the sons of Adam and Eve. Thinking that God loved Abel more, Cain decided to kill his brother. As punishment for his crime, Cain was then marked and then set out to wander the Earth. Perhaps he runs into some vampires on his journey?

Eric Eisenberg
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