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When you think about the movies this weekend, your mind probably immediately goes to the Oscars, the Super Bowl for film geeks that gets started this Sunday. But in the meantime there are at least some people actually going to theaters this weekend… though not nearly as many as studios might hope. Both of the week's new releases, Snitch and Dark Skies, are likely to falter in the face of holdover comedy Identity Thief, which made $4 million on Friday and is likely to take the #1 spot for the weekend.

That's not to say The Rock didn't give Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy a run for their money. According to the numbers at Deadline Snitch made $4.1 million on Friday, putting it neck and neck with Identity Thief. Still, that's a pretty low opening for a movie starring The Rock, who's got 3 more movies coming to theaters before Memorial Day. Is this a bad start for what ought to be the year of The Rock?

Meanwhile Dark Skies, the movie virtually hidden from critics, couldn't even manage to beat holdover romance Safe Haven, making just $3 million on Friday and on track for an $8.5 million weekend. Again, none of this is terribly surprising-- studios are all too busy drinking at pre-Oscar parties this weekend to bothering releasing much of anything worth watching. Now's the time to catch up on Oscar nominees still in theaters, like Silver Linings Playbook and Zero Dark Thirty, or maybe buy the newly released Argo Blu-ray.

Let us know what you're seeing this weekend in the comments, and if the answer is "Nothing, but I'm watching the Oscars" come back and join us for our liveblog tomorrow!