Someone Tried To Burn The Mrs. Doubtfire House Down

Last year, we lost a legend when Robin Williams' untimely death shocked us all. Among the most fondly remembered of all of his films was, naturally, the 1993 classic Mrs. Doubtfire. Just mention the film's title, and everyone has something they remember the film by. Be it a favorite moment, line, or even impression; everyone has something to remember the film by. One of those memorable aspects is the San Francisco house that Williams' Daniel Hillard and his family lived in, and where Mrs. Doubtfire worked her magic. As if the loss of Williams wasn't bad enough, we almost lost the house that he and the cast put on the map.

TMZ reports that an arsonist doused the San Francisco-located house's doormat in flammable fluid and lit it on fire, supposedly in hopes of burning down the iconic house that Mrs. Doubtfire ruled with an iron broom. Thankfully, there was no massive damage to the house. Judging by the photos, it looks like there was only some blackening of the front door. The motive of the arsonist is apparently revenge against a doctor who is currently living in the house, and at some point treated the arsonist. To refresh your memory, you can see the house in the ending to Mrs. Doubtfire in the video below.

Personal motives aside, it's amazing that someone would even think of burning down the Mrs. Doubtfire house, especially since it was a makeshift memorial after Robin Williams' passing. So many people associate that house with happy memories of a film that they love, and with an actor that they are extremely fond of. And yet, the actions of a disgruntled party could have taken that away from us for good if they had their way.

For as many people that have enjoyed Mrs. Doubtfire in the 20 plus years since its release, the film could already be considered a classic in the modern era. It wouldn't be surprising if, after this moment of almost losing the house, someone made a push for it to eventually become some sort of landmark in film history. Since the house is still occupied, it surely cannot be made into a museum, much like the house from A Christmas Story. However, that doesn't mean the homeowner can't be approached to suggest a plaque or a memorial bench be put near the property. Either would be a fitting memorial to the place the house has in everyone's collective hearts.

With only one more film looking to be released from his body of work, everyone soon will be able to look back on the entirety of Robin Williams' legacy and film work. Mrs. Doubtfire will always stand out among the pack as one of those movies that Williams shone the brightest in. The thought of losing such a memorable location is sad, if not for the fact that it would mean the family currently occupying the house would be out on the street. Thankfully, that's not the case, and we can all enjoy the house that Euphegenia built.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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