Soul Train: The Movie Happening

It might seem strange to make a movie out of Soul Train, but in a world where Dancing with the Stars and American Idol are number one television shows and where High School Musical 3 is a box office smash, it kind of makes sense. Really, could it possibly be any worse than any of that? While they’re at it, let’s make a movie out of American Bandstand.

Variety says Soul Train: The Movie is happening at Warner Bros. where they’ve hired Malcolm Spellman to write a movie based on the classic, Don Cornelius hosted dance show. They’re setting it in the 80s because let’s face it, trying to modernize Soul Train sort of misses the point of what makes it interesting in the first place. No specific details yet on exactly how they’ll turn a television show in which teenagers just sort of flapped around in front of a camera for a half hour, but Spellman talked a lot about how modern hip-hop street dances were born in the 80s on the show. Maybe we’ll learn the origins of the first guy to get Krunp. Then when I build my time machine, I can go back and punch his father in the head.

Josh Tyler