Spider-Man 4 Villain Overload: Vulture And Vultress Added?

The problem with Spidey 3 was acknowledged (too many villains) and then remedied by the rumored to be on board Dylan Baker as the Lizard, the sole enemy for the next installment, or so we thought. Now, rumors of even more bad guys coming into play have succeeded in shocking me out of my “Spidey 4 is gonna rock!” mentality and put me back on Earth where the sad reality is that Hollywood will probably finger-bang this movie into oblivion as well.

This paradigm shift comes in the wake of Movie Line announcing that John Malkovich and Anne Hathaway are people of interest in the casting process. Not that either of them are bad actors, but piling more villains into the mix is a proven recipe for suck. Malkovich would play The Vulture, an old man in a bird suit, and Hathaway would be Felicia Hardy, who is Black Cat in the comics, but changed to The Vultress in the movie. Rumors of the Black Cat have been getting tossed around quite a lot recently, but this is the closest thing to a real story about her we've yet come across.

So not only are they thinking about convoluting the story by adding countless villains to the mix, but they're going to go ahead and needlessly diverge from the source material too? Did no one see Wolverine? There will be a day when studio bosses take their heads out of their asses and start making comic book movies for fans of the comic books, instead of the drooling masses who don't even show up to the theater until the trailers are almost over.

I'd like to be at a point where I actually want to see Spider-Man 4 when it's released, but sadly my hope hangs by a thread.