Spoilerific Iron Man 2 Easter Egg Revealed

A couple weeks ago, it was announced that the super secret "after the credits" Easter Egg that will show with Iron Man 2 was going to be our first look at Thor and Captain America. Rad as that may have been, that presumption was dead wrong. And when the press screenings and premiere of the film didn't include an Easter Egg, everyone was left thinking there wouldn't be anything at all attached to the wide release of the film. But Jon Favreau doesn't play like that.

The film gurus over at /film have gotten their hands on the skinny about what really happens if you stick through five minutes of special effects credits, but it's spoilerific so if you don't want to know, just navigate away from this page right at this moment. Don't continue reading, don't skim down for keywords, just use your mouse, click that little left-pointing arrow and get the hell out of here.

But if you don't mind knowing what's up, stick around for tell of awesomeness. /film has it right that posting the video and pictures here would be travesty, plus I want to be surprised at least a little so I don't want to go hunt for them, but they exist so you can Google them if you really want it 100% spoiled.

The scene needs a tiny bit of set up. At one point in the film, Clark Gregg's character, Agent Coulson of SHIELD, receives a call and is reassigned to something cryptic going on in Mexico. Then he's forgotten about for the remainder of the film.

As the credits conclude, we're greeted with a desert landscape being sped through by a black, official looking vehicle, license plate 8RE 2Z1. True Iron Man devotees please feel free to comment below if that means anything, but that's not the reveal. The car stops next to an enormous crater, a door swings open, and not surprisingly Agent Coulson steps out of the car. As he gazes down into the massive pit he makes a phone call saying just four words. "Sir, we found it."

Cut to inside the crater to reveal...

The hammer of Thor!

Bad. Fucking. Ass. With a few lackluster reviews rolling in for Iron Man 2 this bit of totally awesome news has rejuvenated my excitement to see this next Thursday night. Keep this to yourself unless asked. Don't be that douche that ruins it for people who want it to totally be a surprise.