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Paramount has released the first two ever clips from Star Trek. The second one is Kirk hitting on Uhura in a bar. This is the scene that leads up to the bar fight which you may have spotted in some of the TV spots. The first one though, is the one you must watch if you’re a Trek fan. It’s entirely focused on Leonard “Bones” McCoy and what appears to be his first meeting with James Kirk. Karl Urban plays McCoy, this is our first really detailed look at how he handles the third part of the Kirk/Spock/McCoy holy trinity… and he’s perfect. Beyond perfect. DeForest Kelly would be goddamn proud. This is exactly what DeForest Kelly’s character would have been like as a young man. Cranky and opinionated, and bitching about space travel. Urban has nailed it.

Watch both clips below:

Meet Dr. McCoy (Watch In High-Res At Yahoo):

Kirk Hits On Uhura: