No, we still don't know the possible true identity of Benedict Cumberbatch's villain character, or why he's targeting Kirk and the rest of the Starship Enterprise. But a few other details about the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness have managed to leak out, thanks to a special footage presentation in Brazil. Want to know who Peter Weller is playing, or what kind of trouble Kirk gets into this time around? Read on.

The rundown at Trek Movie, translated from the original Portuguese at, includes a lot of tiny details we can't quite make sense of, like Kirk in bed with two "cat women" early in the footage and a "father" character using a ring to blow up a facility in London. But there are other intriguing details, like the fact that Peter Weller is playing Admiral Marcus-- presumably the father of Alice Eve's Carol Marcus-- and that Kirk is demoting early on in the film for violating the "prime directive," not to interfere with other cultures. He does it for the sake of rescuing Spock from the volcano planet we've seen teased since the very beginning, but apparently that doesn't prevent him from getting a demotion anyway.

To be honest, none of these details really tell us a whole lot about the film, but that's clearly exactly the way we want it. We know that Star Trek Into Darkness will involve conflict and adventure and some serious threats to Earth from John Harrison, and that's all we want to know before the film finally comes to theaters May 17. That's really not so long from now! You can click here for everything else we know about the movie so far, but don't dig too hard. J.J. Abrams has managed to protect his secrets even after showing 38 minutes of footage… and he's not about to trip up this close to the finish line.

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