People are starving for Star Wars news. That’s why thousands of people are currently lined up in Anaheim, California for Star Wars Celebration, hoping for any scrap of information. The gathering hasn’t kicked off in earnest just yet, but some posters for Star Wars: The Force Awakes have already started popping up online this morning, and they give us our best look yet at the villainous Kylo Ren.

Star Wars Poster

To be honest, it’s possible, maybe even likely, that these images are nothing more than fan art. (We found them at Comic Book Resources, but they're all over the place, and no one seems to be sure where they originated.) The quality isn’t the greatest, and it’s certainly not the slick, finished style of offering we usually get from Lucasfilm and Disney. Add to this the fact that folks with legitimate professional connections to the franchise seem to have no idea where they came from—they’re all over social media saying as much—we don’t know what to think. Still, they are very detailed, and show off a bunch of the new stormtroopers as well.

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