Star Wars: Episode VII Is Looking To Cast Really Ugly People

Hey, remember when Star Wars: Episode VII dropped a stupid number of casting announcements in one shocking swoop? Well, JJ Abrams and company aren’t done with lining up actors and actresses to play the principal roles, and apparently, if the latest whispers are to be believed, they’re in the process of casting a ton of extras too. So, if you’re interested in being in Star Wars, now is your chance, at least provided you live in England and are ugly.

That’s right. The announcement comes courtesy of Movie Casting Call, and while that website doesn’t exactly scream professionalism or trust, the nuts and bolts of the story seem to be backed up by Casting Collective. The former overtly refers to the project as Star Wars: Episode VII, while the later only tags the project a "Major New Feature Film" in the London area. Both, however, are sounding the alarm for "unusual", "characterful" and strange-looking people to fill the background of one or more scenes.

Movie Casting Call gets a little more blunt about it. Here’s their description…

"Interesting looks. Character faces, memorable eye-catching looks, unusual type looks. This could be people with strong physical features, facial scars, big beards, long hair, bad teeth, large facial features, dreadlocks, or interesting ethnic appearances such as darker skin or light eyes."

Bad teeth? Facial scars? Large facial features? Let me just boil all of this down for you. If this casting announcement is legitimate, which is still an if, than Star Wars: Episode VII is pumped up about lining the back of some bars or weird alien planets with ugly humans. It’s just a straight up fact, but luckily, since a ton of ugly people a) love Star Wars and b) have a good sense of humor about themselves, I would expect the movie to have more than enough applicants who would gladly show up whenever and wherever if it meant getting vaguely famous among the Jedis.

Exactly why someone would fake a casting announcement is unclear, but far stranger things have happened when it comes to Star Wars. That being said, if you really feel like you might be good for one of these potential roles because you have a weirdo hook nose or comically small hands or TJ Miller-like facial hair, I would definitely suggest applying through Casting Call Collective. Worst case scenario, you’ll just end up in some other major motion picture.

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