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In the modern blockbuster world, post-credits scenes have become very popular. The films made by Marvel Studios are arguably best known for it, but fun stingers have also been found in the X-Men franchise movies as well as the latest Terminator. Because of this, some have wondered if this could be something new for the Star Wars series as well… but now J.J. Abrams has definitely put an end to that conversation.

The subject came up when Abrams was on stage for a Star Wars: The Force Awakens press conference held today in Los Angeles. The filmmaker was directly asked if fans can expect to see a post-credits scene or Easter Egg at the end of the sequel, and he quickly dismissed the idea, saying,
No, there’s not. All the scenes are actually in the movie.

Those of you who have been following updates and stories about Star Wars: The Force Awakens for a while will note that this dispels a rumor that has been going around for the last few months. Back in September it was rumored that the latest saga film would actually be teasing the first Star Wars "Story", Rogue One. This made a degree of sense, given that the Gareth Edwards-directed feature has been filming since this past summer, and will surely have a good amount of footage ready by the time Force Awakens arrives in theaters. Now it sounds like that post-credits scene definitely isn’t happening – so instead maybe we can just expect the blockbuster to come with a trailer for the eighth live-action Star Wars movie during the coming attractions.

Post-credits scenes are definitely fun for fans, and a good incentive to get people to stick around and watch the credits – but I can’t say that I’m too upset that Star Wars: The Force Awakens won’t have one. After all, they aren’t exactly part of the franchise’s tradition (none of the previous movies have stingers), and it’s not a device that has to be used all over Hollywood. If everything the movie has to say can be fit between the opening scrawl and the end credits, more power to it.

Surely there will be some fans who will be disappointed by this news, but hopefully they’ll all get over it fairly quickly. After all, the feelings about the lack of a post-credits scene should be drowned out by the excitement that comes with the fact that we’re now less than two weeks away from the theatrical release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As always, stay tuned for more about the movie, including our on-camera interviews with the cast and J.J. Abrams!