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Star Wars On Netflix? Here's The Latest

If a person has the urge to watch Star Wars, the truth is that there are many ways for them to do so. Multiple editions of all the films have been released in various DVD and Blu-ray packages, and now it's possible to buy digital copies that can be watched on pretty much any computer. One key place where the movies aren't available, however, is on Netflix streaming - but new rumors are suggesting that could soon change.

The streaming website Exstreamist claims that they have picked up evidence suggesting that Netflix has plans to start hosting all six previously released Star Wars features on their service. According to the site, the service has created "back pages" that essentially serve as space holders for when the film will become available. It appears that the back pages have been taken down since the publication of the report, but the source has a screenshot of the one that was created for The Empire Strikes Back (complete with cast, plot and genre details, in addition to a rating.

While this is interesting potential evidence, Netflix has done their part to throw cold water all over the situation. After a request for comment, the streaming company responded that "there are no current official plans to bring Star Wars to Netflix." The word "official" is an interesting one to throw in to the statement, but at the same time it doesn't sound like we should be holding our breath for this.

This situation is a bit ambiguous at the moment, but it is interesting to note that Disney - the company that owns LucasFilm and Star Wars - will see a major shift in its relationship with Netflix in 2016. As per a contract signed in 2012, next year will see the streaming service able to start hosting new releases from Walt Disney Pictures. This will inevitably see titles like Star Wars: Rogue One, Star Wars: Episode VIII and more hosted on Netflix - so perhaps that will also open the door to the original six movies becoming available.

We may or may not hear more about the original Star Wars movies being on Netflix in the next few months - especially because of the lead up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and all - but hopefully we will. For now, at least, subscribers can get a taste of the saga in the form of both the animated Clone Wars movie as well as six seasons of the Clone Wars television show, both of which are currently streaming. Outside of that, you may need to just go back to one of the many, many ways of watching Star Wars that I mentioned above. They all work quite well.

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