Filming on the Suicide Squad movie has just wrapped on the streets of Toronto. While they were there they made a lot of news as the very public location allowed anybody with a cell phone to show the world what was going on. As the film goes back underground, director David Ayer has one thing to say to fans waiting for the finished product. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Late last night on his Twitter feed Ayer posted the following comment regarding the very public leaks that came out of their work in Toronto:

While many of us were a little surprised to see Batman holding onto the Joker’s car as it attempted to evade The Dark Knight, apparently Ayer did not consider that one of the film's surprises. Ultimately, how could he? He had to know full well what would and would not be seen when doing such public filming. If anything the Batman scene that we have now creates more questions than answers. Putting a Suicide Squad movie so early in this new DC Universe seemed a little strange already. Now, throwing one of our heroes into it, if anything makes it even stranger. Without a glimpse at the script, the entire film is still a secret to be revealed.

In the social media world we live in leaks are part of the business. In many cases they are actually scheduled in order to keep hype going throughout the life of a project. This was likely the case here. While the one thing we now know was fairly large, in the end in just leads to more curiosity. While we know Batman will be in the film we have no context for it so now fans can spend the next year debating the hows and whys rather than the ifs.

Now we can spend this blackout period considering how everything we know fits together, and speculating on what it might all mean. We know who the members of the Suicide Squad are. We know there’s a plane crash. We know there’s Batman. Oh, and there will be a Joker. Those things can only fit together in about a million different ways so there are still plenty of secrets we don’t have. Which members of the squad aren’t going to survive? Somebody’s got to die in this thing, right?
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