See Suicide Squad's Entire Cast In Costume In Crazy New Photo

It was last month that David Ayer released the first look at Jared Leto as The Joker, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the character, but now he's taken things up a notch. May I present to you, the first official look at the entire cast of Suicide Squad in costume.

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As you can probably tell, this comes to us from director David Ayer’s personal Twitter account, and given the caption about Task Force X, I’m willing to guess that this is the team that Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller puts together in order to go on a black ops mission (a mission that has not yet been revealed). So who are we looking at in this crazy-looking ensemble? Well, only some of the character names have been confirmed, while others are only rumors, but if we’re going from left to right we have:

While there are some of these that I’m not quite 100 percent on just yet (not sure why Boomerang has a Bane jacket from The Dark Knight Rises and no visible boomerangs), but I’m digging most of what I’m seeing here. Adam Beach looks adequately equipped with ropes to play Slipknot; Margot has a good mix of cute and fucked up going on; Adawale Akinnuoye-Agbaje’s Killer Croc is fantastic; Karen Fukuhara looks like she’s been pulled right out of a comic book; and Will Smith’s Deadshot looks like a serious professional (though I really, really hope that he has at least some sort of mask in the movie).

Talented as this group of performers is, what’s perhaps even more impressive is the fact this isn’t even the entire Suicide Squad cast. You’ll notice that the aforementioned Viola Davis and Jared Leto aren’t present in this image (they obviously won’t be part of the Task Force X team), but it’s also been said that the movie will include Scott Eastwood, Common, Jim Parrack, Ike Barinholtz, and Alex Meraz. There have also been a number of stories going around saying that the film will also feature Jesse Eisenberg’s return to the role of Lex Luthor after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, though nothing has been confirmed to this point.

Suicide Squad is in production now in Toronto, Canada, and will be released by Warner Bros. in theaters on August 5th.

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