I've made it to Utah and I don't yet have the flu, which I count as two major victories even before the Sundance Film Festival kicks off. The first screenings don't begin until tonight, when films like Gael Garcia Bernal's Who Is Dayani Cristal? and Michael Cera's Chilean experiment Crystal Fairy hold their premieres. But before then, there's plenty to do, from picking up badges at the already-crowded press office to buying the groceries that will keep me and my roommates alive for the next 10 days-- lots of dry cereal, protein bars and bananas to come.

To take advantage of the calm before the storm, I wrangled my roommate and Operation Kino co-host Matt Patches and our pal Jordan Hoffman to talk about what we're looking forward to so far, and what little plans we've managed to make. The fun thing about Sundance at this point is nobody has any idea what's going to be good or bad, so you can assume that whatever you're most interested in will be the best film of the festival. This is the most optimistic we'll be this entire time, so enjoy it!

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