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This Supercut Of Characters Saying I Am Could Be The Best One Yet

We've seen quite a few supercuts in our time, but this latest one we've discovered just might be one of the coolest we've ever seen. Take a look for yourself below.

Thanks to Fandango, we have a supercut of one of the most often used lines in movie history: "I am." It's a line that leads to all of the best parts of a movie. It starts the action with identification, it keeps things going by telling us what's about to happen, and it ends the story with a bold proclamation of all of the above. Two words, or in some cases one contraction, and yet they lead to so much more than just the sum of their letters.

Throughout this compilation are such classic moments as when Spartacus became legion, Marty McFly telling Doc he come from the future, and Forrest Gump's first time meeting Jenny. Each of those moments has had a couple of decades or so of time to build up their reputation as some of the most iconic movie moments. But mixed in there are some modern favorites and upstarts, like Kick-Ass and Liar Liar, where laughs are in order; or Joel Edgerton's boast of godhood from Exodus: Gods And Kings, which could become the next moment Ridley Scott skipped over profound and jumped into the absurd, a la Oscar Issac's "outlaw" line from Robin Hood.

However, with any good list there's bound to be snubs, and there's two big ones that are missing from this lot. First off, how could they forget Howard Beale's "I'm as mad as hell!" moment that made Network the classic it was? For the sake of reference, and also because we love that moment so much, you can watch that down below.

Then of course there's the one superhero they left out of the mini montage that featured two versions of Batman and, of course, Iron Man. While both of those were excellent and essential additions, there's one moment that could have been right at home in that montage. Anyone who saw 2002's Spider-Man surely remembers the film ending with the powerful moment below, where Tobey McGuire embarrassed his destiny as everyone's friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man.

Like any good franchise in Hollywood, it wouldn't surprise us if the "I Am" supercut spawned a sequel with "We Are," which means it would be time for films like Guardians Of The Galaxy and Ghostbusters to shine in all of their contracted glory. For now though, see how many of these moments you can identify, and enjoy the magic of this fun little supercut.

Mike Reyes

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