Superheroes In Prison Movie

Green Arrow is the latest superhero in play, sort of, with Blade: Trinity writer/director David Goyer in charge. Except here’s the thing, Goyer isn’t really making a Green Arrow movie. It’s more like a superhero in prison movie, which should go over big with the gay spandex fetishist crowd.

According to a story picked up by Coming Soon from Wizard Universe, Goyer’s movie is called Super Max and it’s about “a wrongly convicted Green Arrow being whisked away to the super max prison for out-of-control heroes and villains.” Basically it’s an excuse for one big superhero/villain cage match, with Arrow as our window into it.

Except he’ll only be Green Arrow for about ten minutes. Then Goyer says his secret identity is revealed, he’s unmasked, and hauled off to prison along with all the usual brightly colored fun we’d expect from the superhero genre. I mean, even Batman has a cool mask. Green Arrow will just be this dude who becomes some other dude’s prison bitch. That ain’t fun.

Still, give Goyer some credit. He’s trying to come up with something different. The comic book hero adaptation business could use that. We can only sit through so many origin stories before they get old. Though failing to be original didn’t seem to hurt Ghost Rider much now did it? Judging by this year’s box office results, originality is something of a curse. Black Snake Moan, The Lookout, and now Grindhouse have all been tremendous box office flops while stuff like Ghost Rider makes bank. Maybe Goyer should just get an MS Word copy of the script for Spider-Man 2 and use global search and replace to replace “Spider-Man” with “Green Arrow". It’ll be a huge hit.

Josh Tyler