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We’ve got to hand it to Sylvester Stallone. Forty years after creating the legendary Rocky Balboa, he still managed to bring his A-game and take home the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor with Creed. The action icon is riding high right now in a truly unexpected fashion; even Stallone himself appeared shocked by the award announcement. With all of this momentum, it seems incredibly feasible that we will soon see Stallone walking on stage to collect his Oscar as well. Allow us to explain.

Anyone who has seen Creed can already attest that Stallone earned the award; he brought an aura of somber regret to Rocky Balboa that we had truly never seen before. He's a more talented actor than he has ever gotten credit for, and it's time for him to come full circle. He received an Oscar nomination in 1977 for his first outing as Rocky, but ultimately lost out to Peter Finch. If the audience’s response at the Golden Globes is anything to go by, it seems that an overwhelming number of people think he is overdue for some recognition. Don’t believe me? Even Stallone’s fellow action great Arnold Schwarzenegger took to social media not only to congratulate his long time friend, but also to chime in that he thinks Sly has a real shot at Oscar gold this year. Check it out below.

Of course, we have to acknowledge that Sylvester Stallone owes a great deal of his win (and potential Oscar nom) to the rest of the cast and crew involved in the making of Creed. Aside from the portrayal of a sad, aging Rocky Balboa, the film featured numerous other strong performances – particularly from Michael B. Jordan, who has proven himself time and time again that he is the next Will Smith – as well as utterly insane direction from Ryan Coogler. Seriously, we thought we had seen everything boxing movies had to offer until Coogler crafted that insane single-take boxing match towards the middle of the film. All of these elements have come together in such an effective way that it has added an element of legitimacy to Creed that will only serve to help Stallone on his journey to the Oscars.

All that being said, the Oscars are still a long way off. Even if Stallone gets an Oscar nod for his return as Rocky Balboa, that doesn’t inherently mean he will even win (although the Globes historically have been a strong indicator). It’s undoubtedly a competitive year for actors in all categories, but we here at CinemaBlend are more than willing to bet that this old boxer still has enough fight left in him. In the immortal words of Mr. Balboa himself: "It ain’t over until it’s over."