Taylor Swift's Blank Space Video Gets A Perfect Horror Movie Trailer

Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" music video already plays a bit like a horror movie, what with its love story gone wrong. But this video takes the concept a couple steps further, giving the music video the horror trailer treatment. Taylor Swift has never seemed so scary!

Just as we were finally starting to shake off the "Shake it Off" ear worm, Taylor Swift comes back with "Blank Space," another catchy single off of her 1989 album. The music video shows Taylor Swift caught up in a truly messed up romantic cycle, which includes a fancy house, nice cars and an incredible wardrobe... not to mention a lot of drama.

The above video comes courtesy of Slate and successfully washes away all traces of pop by slowing down the tempo and dropping in some creepy horror movie sound effects. It takes the disturbing nature of the original video to the next level. But if you haven't seen that yet, watch it below...

It's not hard to see why people are making comparisons between Swift's "Blank Space" music video and Gone Girl, especially in the way the video charts a course that starts out seemingly ideal, but goes south from there...

Taylor Swift crying

And then further south, where nice things get ruined...


But it all turns out ok in the end... Ok, not really. Nothing is ok. But that's horror for you.

Swift smile

Obviously, Slate's horror cut had plenty of material to work with here. But they really do bring it all together nicely, particularly at the end when the images begin to flash across the screen.

Kelly West
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