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While we’re nowhere near ready to slap the "prolific" tag on director Terrence Malick, there are rumors that the Tree of Life filmmaker is readying his sixth feature film for release and may even be prepping his production team for yet another movie, which could be shot in the summer and fall.

Let’s back up a tad. Malick’s latest film, The Tree of Life opened in limited release over the weekend and performed well. Early estimates have the Brad Pitt-Sean Penn drama earning more than $350,000 over a three-day span in four theaters. It will expand to more markets in the coming weeks.

And we already know that Malick’s busy finishing yet another drama starring Ben Affleck, Javier Bardem and Rachel McAdams, which at one point was called Burial but currently has no name. Like all of Malick’s films, the details of this one are being kept secret … including its release date.

So why are we getting excited? Because a report in the L.A. Times suggests that Malick has told his loyal production team to keep their summer and fall schedules clear to shoot another potential film, and as the paper points out that “means he expects to be finished with this one in a matter of months.” Now, Malick rarely wraps that quickly, or for that matter launches production on another film. Maybe he wants to do shoots on the documentary film that’s expected to accompany Tree of Life in theaters soon. With Malick, you never can tell, but the safe bet is on a long post-production process, and a delay on the release of the Affleck-Malick collaboration, at least for the time being.