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Thor 2 To Shoot This Summer In London

While the domestic box office numbers suggest that Marvel Studios shouldn't have been happy with the Thor's theater run last summer, one look at its international totals tells a completely different story. While the movie only managed to pull in $181 million stateside on a $150 million budget, the film was a major hit overseas, pulling in $268 million in foreign markets (just for comparison, that's $2 million more than the first Iron Man made outside of the US). As a result, Marvel has been doing everything they can to try and make a sequel as quickly as possible. Thor 2 is already set with a November 15, 2013 release date, and while there was some drama a few months ago with filmmaker Patty Jenkins, Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor has been brought in to take the helm. The film is still in pre-production, but now one of its biggest stars has revealed when cameras will start rolling.

Answering fans' questions in a chatroom over on Empire, Tom Hiddleston, who played Loki in Thor and will be reprising the character later this year in The Avengers, said that Thor 2 is scheduled to go into production this summer in London. Though he wouldn't give away too much about what would happen in the film, he did say, "Loki's eternal predilection is to dance on the fault lines of villainy and redemption. I think whatever happens to him, he'll always keep people guessing." It's expected that the entire cast from Thor will be returning for the sequel, which was written by Don Payne.

The question about Loki's involvement in Thor 2 is a legitimate one. Because he's the villain in the first film and in The Avengers, one can probably guess that he won't be the main antagonist in the next Marvel, though it's possible that he could be the guy pulling all of the strings in the background while another enemy rises up to face the God of Thunder.

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