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Nasty little things, rumors. In the film world they don’t really serve any purpose other than to get hoards of people (in this case, Star Trek: The Next Generation fans) excited for something that probably isn’t going to happen.

Sunday’s rumor du jour was that the smooth-headed and incredibly English Patrick Stewart would be working with George Miller soon, which magically seemed to mean it’d be on Mad Max: Fury Road. What people seemed to forget though is that George Miller isn’t ONLY going to be doing Max, he’s also got several other projects in his hopper. Not to mention the possibility of him taking on a new project.

Proving themselves of more use than just producing Jersey Shore, MTV took it upon themselves to get in touch with Stewart’s publicistm who straight up denied the erstwhile Enterprise captain’s involvement in the film. Not to instill false hope into those of you who exploded with joy at first hearing this news, but it’s not unheard of for actors to deny involvement just to keep their involvement a secret. You may still see him wearing an old tire as a shirt, beating people up for the gas in their car.

For now, just take a pill and forget any of this ever happened in the first place.

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