Who is the real star of Jack Reacher: Tom Cruise, or his car’s engine? Because the muscle car driven by Lee Child’s anti-hero takes center stage (thanks to some creative audio mixing) in the first bit of footage we’re seeing from the film. We have it for you below:

This international trailer, complete with English subtitles (if you click the closed captioning button), arrives on the heels of the first official shot of Cruise as Reacher, which was published in the latest Entertainment Weekly. And fans of Child’s Jack Reacher novels likely will be happy to see Cruise in action as their beloved hero, a former military investigator whose now trying to solve a mysterious case involving a very talented sniper.

And do you know what? He looks an awful lot like Ethan Hunt, Cruise’s unstoppable agent from Paramount’s Mission: Impossible franchise. My big question about Reacher after this footage is, “How will writer-director Christopher McQuarrie be able to distance this film from previous Mission movies?” Because right now, they look very similar … save for that loud muscle car.

Reacher is the star of several Lee Child novels, and Paramount envisions Jack Reacher to be the start of a possible trilogy of films. It will be based on Child’s book One Shot, introducing Cruise as the tough-as-nails hero and setting the stage for more stories. The movie opens in December. Expect a domestic trailer to drop soon, but for now, what do you think? Is Cruise winning over the skeptics? Or do you need to see more to be convinced?

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