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Tom Cruise's Edge Of Tomorrow Unveils Four New Featurettes

Tom Cruise is a workaholic when it comes to whatever project he's taken stock in. You can say what you want about the man and his personal life, but his work ethic is still as solid as it was since day one. Nowhere is that more readily apparent than in the featurettes for his latest film Edge of Tomorrow, which co-stars the equally impressive Emily Blunt, who's doing her first action movie and looking pretty convincing while doing so. How do I know this? Well, it's because we have four "enhanced trailer" featurettes that go a little deeper into the film that hopes to bring director Doug Liman his first hit since Mr. And Mrs. Smith.

Edge of Tomorrow is set in the neat future following an alien invasion. Tom Cruise plays an inexperienced soldier who gains necessary experience when he finds himself trapped in a time loop that forces him to repeat the same battle over and over. He works alongside Special Forces Warrior Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) as they repeatedly get better at engaging the enemy with each loop.

News blog Comic Book Movie drew attention to all four of these Edge of Tomorrow featurettes, which focus not only on the actors themselves, but also the plot and the Exo-Suits that the soldiers in the film are wearing. Some fun information about those suits is that they're actual suits, not CGI, per Cruise's request. Depending on the version of the suit they had to wear, they could be hauling anything from 85 to 120 pounds of suit, which meant the cast had to be buffed out before production even began. More on the suits can be learned in the video below.

The next video covers Emily Blunt's character of Rita Vrataski, and plays out much like the video on the top about Cruise's character of Major William "Bill" Cage. If you're one of those people that lies awake at night wondering what Blunt's portrayal of Black Widow would have been like, had Gulliver's Travels not prevented her from joining up on Iron Man 2, then this is your first real look at what might have been.

Finally, we have a featurette on what

[[ a-href http doug-liman-headed-space-railman-plus-edge-tomorrow-poster-42706.html new ]] Doug Liman says is the reason he made the film: the time looping plot line. It must be a blessing and a curse to film a movie like this, as you do have a simple baseline to branch out from for the film's premise, while at the same time making sure the visual and thematic continuity of the loop matches up.

[[ a-href http doug-liman-headed-space-railman-plus-edge-tomorrow-poster-42706.html new ]]

Edge of Tomorrow opens in theaters on June 6th, 2014. If you're not tired of the film's marketing, and would like to see the first new trailer, go to at 3PM EST to watch the IMAX enhanced version of the trailer.

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